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Paul Bitok Steps Down as Malkia Strikers’ Assistant Coach Amid Strong Sentiments

By Ndabateze Jean Bosco

In a surprising turn of events, Paul Bitok, the celebrated legendary coach and former Kenyan international player, has stepped down as the assistant coach of Kenya’s national women’s volleyball team, the Malkia Strikers. The decision comes in the wake of intense reactions following his appointment last week. 

In a statement released earlier today, Bitok provided clarity on his resignation, expressing gratitude for his journey and outlining his future focus.


Bitok began by addressing the controversy surrounding his appointment. He emphasized that his role was not self-imposed but part of his ongoing involvement with the team, dating back to their qualifiers in Cameroon, well before he assumed the position of Deputy President of the Kenya Volleyball Federation (KVF).


“I neither imposed myself nor appointed myself to the position,” Bitok stated, adding, “I was part of the team during the qualifiers in Cameroon, long before I became the KVF Deputy President.”

Reflecting on his tenure, Bitok highlighted several significant achievements:


“I thank God that we have been able to achieve various milestones during this period, including qualification to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, 2019 African Games title, 2022 World Championships in the Netherlands, the 2023 Africa Nations Cup crown as well as qualifying for this year’s games. It was a great moment also working with Brazilian coaches under the FIVB empowerment program which we were to end during Olympics 2024 after joining hands in 2020.”


Expressing heartfelt gratitude to his supporters and the volleyball community, Bitok said:


“I would like to thank each and every one of you who has supported me overwhelmingly for the last 20 years of my volleyball career. As I refocus my attention on my role as KVF Deputy President and technical advisor to the federation, I promise to exude the same zeal and passion for volleyball with which I have previously exercised my duties as a player and coach.”


In a message directed at the Malkia Strikers, Bitok conveyed his unwavering belief in their potential:


“To Malkia Strikers, we have come a long way and grown together in leaps and bounds. I have full belief in you to make Kenya and Africa proud when you take to the court in Paris at the Olympics as well as the Challenger Cup in the Philippines. You can always count on my support as the KVF Deputy President to help each and every one of you attain your full potential on the international platform.”


He concluded with a call for collective effort in developing the sport:

“To all volleyball enthusiasts, let us join hands and develop the sport in every way possible so that millions of talent within our borders may reap from their labor. God bless you all; God bless Kenyan volleyball.”

Bitok’s departure marks the end of a significant chapter in Kenyan volleyball, but his continued dedication to the sport in his administrative roles promises to foster further growth and success.




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