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Huye : Lack of guarantee interrupts  youth development

By Emmanuel Nshimiyimana.

Some of the young people living in the rural areas of Huye district say that it is difficult to get a guarantee to financial institutions to be able to get loan to implement their project.

Those young people who are mostly educated in various fields and high school graduate say that they have a desire to work and develop themselves, but there are still obstacles in getting capital to start a profitable business.

This youth says that although the government has set up various programs to help young people for starting their own business, including business development fund (BDF) which is responsible for helping youth and women for accessing loan easily, but there are still obstacles to get collateral.

Munyemana Richard 27 years old works to help the people pay for health care and other services provided through technology in the Simbi sector, He says that when he started  his business  he thought of going to BDF and help him to get money ,but he found that it is like to go to the bank to ask a loan immediately.

 “I was collecting money and when I saw that it started to increase, I thought of going to BDF to see if they would give me more because I wanted to expand my activities, but I went there to ask for information about the requirements to get the money and they told me that I have to go to a bank or Sacco and BDF will guarantee me 75 % of the guarantee, I immediately gave it up because I had nothing else to give a 25% guarantee, I found out that they help if you have something to give as a guarantee”He said.

It is difficult to be finish your school and immediately find tangible assets that you can take to the bank in order to get money  for starting a business unless you have a family  that already helped you. Richard added

Nsengimana simon,22 years old has been processing a furniture product for three years but he works for others. He says that he has completed vocational training with the aim of starting a carpentry workshop and being able to create work for himself and provide jobs to others, but so far he has been missing, the capital and guarantee.

“I used to that there is a fund that helps young people get money to help them for starting create the job, so I went there in the city about two days, but the person which have not any property even the parents can not give you their property to give the bank as a guarantee you get nothing” he said.

Huye branch Head of Business development fund (BDF) Nsengimana Francois Xavier explains that BDF was established to help youths and women who want to start profitable business  in order to create jobs .

“BDF has great contributions to help a numbers of youth and women to start their business in Huye district, but there are some conditions considered in order to get that guarantee from BDF, but also the are people who do not understand well the things clearly, and it’s make them to think that BDF as inactive institution”. Nsengimana said

There is confusion between a grant and guarantee we encourage the people to come to us and get an accurate information about BDF because as BDF we are working financial institutions that link with the customers, and we advise the youths to start for saving themselves while they are still early, it would help them. He added

The  deputy mayor of Huye District in charge of economic development, KAMANA Andre asks the  youth to know the opportunities that will  help them to work and to have integrity, ” the youth should know and explore the existing opportunities to create work and to be honest and to have the habits of saving that is what will help them to achieve on self development and national progress ” He said.

The Authorities of Huye district announces that in the last years BDF has been finance 201 business including five business related to Agribusiness and seventeen related to Economic Recovery funds

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