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Veterinary students call for adequate practices to ensure quality of education

Countrywide, veterinary students in Technical and Vocational Training Education secondary schools say they lack enough practical training in animal health treatment as schools have kits shortage.

Speaking to veterinary students from EFA Nyagahanga Technical Secondary School in Gatsibo district on Saturday, April 24, 2021 during the celebration ceremony of the World Veterinary Day 2021, they said that the issue of lack of teaching kits delays practical exercises and this affects the quality of education and services offered by graduate vet professionals.

The theme of this day was “Veterinarian response in the aftermath of COVID-19 pandemic”

The students at EFA Nyagahanga say that they still lack practical knowledge on artificial insemination in Animal Husbandry.

Philomene Uzamukunda, a senior-six student in Animal Health Science said that they only learnt theory on how artificial insemination is done.

“We only learnt theory but we did not acquire any practice in artificial insemination, they told us that the reason is lack of teaching kits at school.” She said.

Philomene Uzamukunda, a senior-six student in Animal Health Science at EFA Nyagahanga

Innocent Dusabimana, headmaster of EFA Nyagahanga Technical Secondary school said that many consequences can arise when a student lack practical training. He explained that the root of the issue is that teaching kits are expensive.

“We are contributing as the school to buy some kits and we request Rwanda Council of Veterinary Doctors (RCVD) to give us kind of support in that regard.” He said.

Dr Marie Claire  Tumusabe, the vice chairperson of RCVD said that in their recent school evaluation they assessed many challenges that affect quality of education such as lack of infrastructures.

“In our school evaluation with the Ministry of Education, Rwanda Polytechnic and Rwanda TVET Board, we assessed many challenges but we are trying to see how to help students get enough practical skills.” She said.

RCVD Officials who have organized the celebration ceremony of World Veterinary Day remind all veterinary doctors and Rwandans in general to continue abiding with COVID-19 prevention guidelines as these professionals meet with many people while on duty in treating animal diseases.

Dr. Jean Claude Mwenedata, vice president of Rwanda Veterinary Association highlighted major challenges professionals faced during the whole COVID-19 period where they failed to get animal disease vaccines and other important kits for animal disease treatment.

“Transport was an issue to import kits and vaccines, to date there are some works that we cannot perform because of these issues.” Mwenedata said.

Dr. Alphonse Nshimiyimana, RCVD Executive Secretary encouraged young VET students to increase efforts in leaning in order to protect Animal and public health.

Dr. Alphonse Nshimiyimana, RCVD Executive Secretary, addressing the students during the event

Young VET students were urged to have a job creation mindset after graduation than thinking of being employed. They were also tipped on discipline as an important professional value to better serve the community while on duties after graduation.

Jean Claude Kubwimana

Jean Claude Kubwimana

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