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Mass driving tests kick off

The much awaited mass driving tests started this Monday, June 12, at different sites across the country.

The provisional and definitive tests were brought closer to facilitate a huge number of registered candidates and to fast-track the services.

All candidates, who were previously supposed to do their tests between June 12, 2023 and June next year, will now do them in a span of two months.

“More than 250, 000 people registered to do provisional and definitive driving tests between June 2023 and June 2024. This is a huge number considering that the system is still open for further registration.

The RNP, therefore, rescheduled the driving tests to be conducted in a span of two months to accelerate services and to facilitate those who are registering not to wait for years to do driving tests,” Commissioner of Police (CP) John Bosco Kabera, the RNP spokesperson, said.

He added: “There are 23 sites across the country for practical tests, 16 online centres for provisional tests and 15 sites for paper-based provisional tests.

Definitive and online provisional tests will be conducted from Monday to Saturday while paper-based provisional tests at the 15 sites will be conducted every Friday.”

Those who will be unable to take the tests on the new dates for valid reasons, will however be allowed to take the tests on the original given date. They will, however, be required to notify the Police through an email ( or call 118 (toll-free), 0798311190, 0798311197.


Each candidate will receive a message detailing the date and site where they will do the tests from. Driving tests start from 7a.m and the National Identity Card is the only document that will be accepted. Passport or any document replacing an ID will not be accepted.

A list of all candidates and site for each candidate, can be accessed on the Rwanda National Police website (

Source: RNP

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