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Ready for Reading, Global G.L.O.W to host annual Regional Summit in Rwanda

Ready for Reading in partnership with Global G.L.O.W will host an annual Regional Summit in Rwanda from 10th to 11th August 2022, At Ready for Reading, Rwinkwavu sector in Kayonza District.

2022 GLOW Regional Summit will gather around 510 girls from different sites to note GLOW members from She Honed for Excellence in Bugesera District, REAP from Musha District, Youth Friendly center from Kayonza District and Ready for Reading in Rwinkwavu sector.

2022 GLOW Regional Summit purpose is to help girls who are in GLOW Programs to connect, learn more about GLOW programs, learn from different GLOW Alumni achievements, meet and have dialogues with Gender equality personalities and have fun.

About Ready for Reading (RfR): Ready for Reading is a registered Non-Governmental Organization and has established 7,800 sq. ft. Rwinkwavu Community Library and Learning Center (RCLLC), located in an underserved rural area in Eastern Rwanda- Rwinkwavu that serves as a center of opportunity, hope and healing. Ready for Reading seeks to empower all ages of the Rwinkwavu community through Girls Empowerment, technology and life skills, enhancing academic, social, cultural and economic opportunities for both personal and community growth and enrichment.

Global GLOW: Global GLOW is a nonprofit that partners with different organizations to run GLOW Summit in 23 countries internationally, including Cameroon, Colombia, Haiti, Honduras, India, Kenya, Nepal, Philippines, Uganda, Rwanda… GLOW Summit is available to school districts, teachers, and community organizations through a one-of-a-kind partnership with girls centered organizations. 

Global GLOW is a 501(c) 3 is a nonprofit organization that creates and operates innovative programs to mentor girls to advocate for themselves and make their communities stronger.

In Rwanda, GLOW Club Programs and GLOW Summit are implemented through the partnership of Global GLOW and Ready for Reading and She Honed for Excellence organizations.

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