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Rwanda Post Office launches Virtual P.O. Box to enhance technology in postal service.

By Elie Mutangana

Iposita, the National Post Office Rwanda on May,10 launched a groundbreaking electronic postal service, ePoBox as among innovations that aligns with Rwanda’s transformation agenda in public services.

The pioneering technology is poised to bridge the gap in the last-mile mail accessibility, extending postal services from Kigali to the remotest villages nationwide.

Aiming at harnessing simple mobile technology, the technology will empower individuals with phone number with having an address, facilitating eCommerce and logistics operations, thereby streamlining postal services across the country.

Customers expect the best from this new technology

The digitization agenda is compelled by commitment to leverage innovations and technology for social economic advancement and improve public services for Rwandan citizen.

According to Celestin Kayitare, the Director General of Rwanda Post Office, the launch of E-POBOX underscores Iposita’s dedication to spearheading this transformative journey, thereby ensuring that postal services are accessible, efficient and inclusive for all Rwandans.

Celestin Kayitare, the Director General of Rwanda Post Office

“It is going to be time consuming as consumers won’t need to come to Post offices. So, this technology is going to help us bridge that gap as we continue our journey of digitizing our services.” He said, ensuring that postal services are accessible, efficient and inclusive for Rwandans.

To beat the odds to sustainability, the innovation will seek collaboration with various stakeholders including Irembo, Rwanda Development Board and some banks where the service user can receive bank statement and ATM Card though the Post office procedure.

The official also asserted that it comes to help everybodygets his own P.O.Box account instead of using and relying the company’s one.

Currently, Rwanda has less than 1% of the population attached to post office and is often characterized by limited and challenged accessibility.

The platform signifies a transformative leap forward in postal services for Rwandan citizens.

Why ePOBox?

ePOBox will offer convenience and control over individual’s mail management through instant SMS alerts the service user will receive real-time notification on the mobile phone whenever a package or mail is waiting for him at the post office.

This will facilitate the service user to stay informed and never miss an important delivery.

The innovation is also expected to establish flexible mail management while enabling the user to dictate how and where to receive the mail.

They expect more in this new eBoBox

User would have to choose between doorstep delivery or convenient collection from location of his choice and take control of the mail on chosen terms.

How to Sign Up?

User can access and register for ePOBox through two ways.

The first way is to use USSD code by dialing *801*631# to access the technology directly from the phone. Secondly, a user can visit the Post Office website, to sign up an manage the ePOBox account.

Once gets done with registrations, the user will need to pay a nominal fee of Rwf8000 via Mobile Money for activating the account.

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