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Rwanda to host Kigali Triennial inaugural Festival in a bid to promote local creative industry

By Elie Mutangana.

Rwanda will host the first edition of Kigali Triennial, a Vibrant Celebration of African arts and culture, bringing together over 200 artists from 25 nations.

The highly-anticipated festival is expected to create exposure for local artists, create jobs and showcase obvious significances made by the country in diverse ecosystems.

The highlights about the festival was jointly made on February 12, by Ministry of Youth and Arts in collaboration with the city of Kigali and the Rwanda Arts Initiative during a Press conference in Kigali.

The Kigali Triennial Festival will from February 16 to February 25, 2024, leaving the audiences with captivate insight on diverse programmes, featuring 60 performances, exhibitions, and events across music, dance, fashion, theatre, film, gastronomy, visual arts, and more.

The Kigali Triennial, which will take place every three years has this year’s theme “Where art, knowledge and economy converge”. Potentially, the event will showcase dynamic artistic talent, foster international collaboration, and position Kigali as a global cultural hub.

Moreover, sectors such hospitality and tourism will surely leverage the event through catering their services to participants.

The ministry of State for Youth and Arts, Sandrine Umutoni, emphasized the government’s commitment to supporting arts as a means of promoting youth development and exhibiting Rwanda culture.

“This really an opportunity for City of Kigali to showcase how far arts can reach, in terms of creating bonds with different countries, different cultures, and again in a strategic partnership. We are seeing this an opportunity to bring this to the next level the need for new cultural spaces in our country. she said stressing that the such opportunity will enable the young talents to explore what is happening outside the country as well as enabling foreigners visiting Rwanda to explore what is happening in the country, all aim at elevating arts and promoting creative economy. Said Minister.

She noted that “the Government of Rwanda acknowledges the vital role of arts in youth development and actively support artistic endeavors such as the Kigali Triennial. Art can be important force capable of strengthening our national unity, while also acting as a catalyst for job creation, economic prosperity, and contributing to the overall enrichment of our society’s cultural heritage”.

Mayor of City of Kigali, Samuel Dusengumuremyi expressed enthusiasm for the event, emphasizing its significance and its role in fostering increased international collaboration and spotlighting Kigali city to the world. He urged the spectators to attend the spectacular event in big crowds for gaining thrilling and insightful moments.

“We are thrilled to host the Kigali Triennial in our beautiful and clean city Kigali. We encourage city residents to show up in big numbers for performances that will take place and we have no doubt that they will find something that is just right for them, given the diversity of the programme”.  Mayor Dusengiyumva said.

The festival boasts an impressive lineup featuring renowned figures like Dorcy Rugamba actor, director and artistic director of the Kigali Triennial, filmmakers Sonia Rolland and Katy Ndiaye, Senegalese gallerist and designer Benita Cisse, actors Atome and Isabelle Kabano, and music legend Khadja Nin curate the closing concert which will feature local talents like Kivumbi, Mike Kayihura, Bushali, Kaya Byinshi and Alyn Sano.

Performances will take place at prominent venues throughout Kigali, including Camp Kigali, Canal Olympia, Cine Mayaka in Nyamirambo, and Marriot Hotel.

Beyond the performance, the Kigali Triennal will offer forums, workshops, and masterclasses, for cultural professionals and the public alike.

Jean Claude Kubwimana

Jean Claude Kubwimana

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