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Rosatom extends the deadline for the Atoms Empowering Competition, Apply now

On popular demand Rosatom, the Russian state corporation that specializes in nuclear energy, has extended the deadline for the Atoms Empowering Competition to February 7th, 2024.

The competition is open to students and young professionals between the ages of 18 and 35, ‘Atoms Empowering Africa’ seeks to ignite more interest in science and technology. The top three winning videos will be selected by an independent expert panel observing various criteria including original content and creativity, overall quality of the video and content, accuracy and relevance of technical content, as well as ability to clearly communicate the content to an audience. The winners of the competition will receive a fully-paid trip to Russia: get acquainted with new technologies and see the country’s world-renowned touristic attractions. Other participants will receive special prizes.

Munachimso Oguine, one of winners of the 6th online video competition, shared her impressions from visiting Russia in 2023: “St. Petersburg is an unforgettable experience. Known as the City of Palaces, it boasts over 100 or 200 palaces. We had the privilege to visit iconic places like the Winter Palace and the Summer Palace. The people in Russia are remarkable. Even if they don’t speak English, they go out of their way to assist, often using sign language. They are kind, helpful, and open-minded. I’m eager to return”.

While the contestants still have time to present their videos, the jury collected a list of tips that can be of help to make a compelling and informative application and effectively communicate the importance of nuclear energy for Africa, resonating the audience:

1. Research and Understanding: Begin by thoroughly researching the role of nuclear energy in Africa. Understand the specific energy challenges and opportunities faced by African countries and how nuclear power can address them. It’s essential to have a solid grasp of the subject matter to effectively communicate its importance in the video.

2. Clear Messaging: Clearly articulate the benefits of nuclear energy for Africa. Highlight how nuclear power can contribute to reliable electricity generation, economic development, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Emphasize its potential to meet the continent’s increasing energy demands and drive sustainable growth.

3. Visual Storytelling: Use visual storytelling techniques to engage the audience. Incorporate compelling visuals, infographics, and animations to illustrate key concepts, statistics, and the potential impact of nuclear energy on African communities. Visual aids can help convey complex information in an accessible and engaging manner.

4. Real-world Examples: Include real-world examples of successful nuclear energy projects in Africa or other regions. Showcase how nuclear power has positively impacted communities, improved living standards, and contributed to national development. These examples can help demonstrate the practical relevance of nuclear energy for Africa.

5. Addressing Concerns: Acknowledge and address common concerns or misconceptions about nuclear energy. Provide clear and factual information to dispel myths related to safety, waste management, and environmental impact. Demonstrating an understanding of public concerns and addressing them with transparency can enhance the video’s credibility.

6. Diverse Perspectives: Incorporate diverse perspectives and voices in the video. Feature interviews with experts, local community members, and stakeholders involved in the nuclear energy sector. Including varied viewpoints can enrich the narrative and provide a comprehensive understanding of the topic.

7. Call to Action: Conclude the video with a call to action. Encourage viewers to learn more about nuclear energy, engage in informed discussions, and support initiatives that promote the development of nuclear power in Africa. Provide resources or links to further information for those interested in delving deeper into the subject.

Apply now and receive a new exciting and unforgettable experience!



  • An individual or a team of up to 3 people may submit one application.
  • Video length is up to 75 seconds.
  • Both professional and smartphone videos are acceptable, but the video quality must be at least 720p HD quality.
  • Video can be live-action or animation.
  • Video narration language is either English or features English subtitles.
  • The name(s) of the creator(s) and the name of the university (if so) must be written in the first frame of the video.
  • The video must be published on Facebook with no restrictions on its visibility for any Facebook visitors.
  • The post must tag @RosatomAfrica and @RosatomMENA Facebook page and contain hashtags: #Nucleardoesntwastetime, #AtomsEmpoweringAfrica, #RosatomCompetition.
  • No copyright violations (all videos should be compliant with Copyright and Rules for posting Content set up on Facebook).
  • No harmful or offensive behavior, discrimination of any kind. Be friendly and polite.
  • Applicants must submit their applications before the deadline to the email or by the link to the online submission form
Jean Claude Kubwimana

Jean Claude Kubwimana

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