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Rwanda’s Farming Makeover: Young Farmers Lead the Way

Something important is happening in Rwanda’s green valleys and hills. The young folks in Rwanda are changing the way they farm, making more food, and shaping the future of the country.

Solange Teta is one of these leaders. She is the Director General of Youth Empowerment at the Ministry of Youth and Culture, and she talks about how her call is about helping young people in Rwanda.

Having received training at the Centre for African Leaders in Agriculture (CALA), Teta believes she is empowered to make a big difference in farming, and she’s working hard to encourage the youth in her country to take up agri-business.

Teta’s journey started with understanding how farming works in Rwanda and why young people are so important. “I love taking care of the land and helping young people be part of farming. My background is in Soil and Conservation. I have a degree in that,” she says.

At CALA, she learned that working together is crucial. “We can’t do everything alone. We need to team up with others to reach our goals,” she explains.

Teta is on a mission to support young farmers in Rwanda. She sees them as the key to changing how farming is done. “Many young people are now interested in farming because we’re moving from old ways to modern farming,” she proudly shares.

This shift to modern farming is happening across Rwanda. Young people are trying new things, like better ways to grow crops and starting businesses with the food they produce.

Emmanuel Uwimana is one of these young farmers. He changed the way his family has been farming for years. By using new irrigation methods and taking care of the land, Uwimana grows more crops and doesn’t have to depend on unpredictable weather as much.

But Teta knows there are challenges for young farmers, especially getting money and land. “They need more help to lead in farming,” she says, “because right now, there isn’t enough support for their projects.”

Recent numbers from AGRA and the Ministry of Agriculture show that Rwanda’s farming is doing really well. Over the last ten years, the farming sector has grown by 8% each year, making it one of the fastest-growing in Africa.

The Ministry also says that more young people in Rwanda are getting into farming—20% more in the last five years. And young farmers are using new techniques, like fertilizers and irrigation, to grow better crops.

Teta is pushing for the government to do more for young farmers. She wants them to get more help with money, training, and land. She’s also working to bring together young farmers, experts, and businesses to create a better environment for young entrepreneurs.

Teta dreams of a Rwanda where farming is strong, sustainable, and everyone has enough to eat. “Right now, Rwanda is doing well with food,” she says, “but we need to use the land even better. Let’s work together.”

Her words show the strong spirit of Rwanda’s youth, ready to change not just farming but the whole food system. With their new ideas, teamwork, and love for the land, they’re leading the way to a future where everyone has enough to eat. And as Rwanda keeps investing in farming, there’s hope for even more progress in the years to come.

Jean Claude Kubwimana

Jean Claude Kubwimana

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