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“Rwandan Poet Cyogere Unveils ‘UMUGABANE’ Poem: Africa’s Journey Towards Self-Reliance, Development, and Prosperity Amidst History’s Shackles”

Rwandan poet Aimable Twagirayezu, widely known as Cyogere joined hands with poet Tuyisenge, commonly known as Umusizi Tuyisenge, recently released his highly anticipated poem titled “UMUGABANE,” shedding light on Africa’s path to self-reliance, development, and prosperity while confronting the burdens of history. In a heartfelt effort to highlight the continent’s struggles with colonialism, self-inflicted challenges, and exploitation of its natural resources, Twagirayezu’s poem serves as a call to action for Africa to break free from old mindsets and forge a brighter future.

“‘UMUGABANE’ is a poem that seeks to unveil Africa’s journey of self-reliance, development, and prosperity,” Twagirayezu who  passionately explains. “Through this work, I aim to address the issues raised by colonialism, the problems that we Africans have brought upon ourselves, and the hypocrisy and conspiracy surrounding the utilization of our natural resources. It is a showcase of ways Africa can achieve self-reliance, development, and prosperity by freeing itself from the constraints of the past.”

Twagirayezu’s poem speaks volumes in multiple languages, incorporating the expressive power of Kinyarwanda, English, and French. Its profound messages resonate with listeners and viewers, allowing each individual to find their own interpretation. “I believe that every listener or viewer can capture their own personal meaning from the poem,” he says. “It is my sincere wish to see Africa shine as a precious treasure, comparable to the value of gold. Although it may take many years, even thousands of years, as the cradle of humanity, I have faith that it is possible. God bless Africa.”

As an African artist, Twagirayezu feels a profound sense of responsibility to contribute to advocacy and raise awareness about the challenges faced by the continent. He likens his connection to Africa to that of a child to their mother, stating, “It’s like I am a kid and Africa is my mother. A good child always thinks about his/her mother.” This deep bond fuels his desire to shed light on Africa’s struggles and offer a voice for change through his poetic artistry.

“Africa’s development requires unity,” Twagirayezu asserts. “We must stand together, fight together, and develop together. I am aware of the many histories and challenges we face. However, if we truly want progress, we must be willing to make whatever sacrifices are necessary.”

Dedicated to all Africans and pan-Africanists, Twagirayezu’s work acknowledges the collective efforts and contributions of those who strive for unity and progress. “My poem is dedicated to all Africans in general and pan-Africanists in particular,” he emphasizes. “As I conclude, I express my gratitude and respect for the legacy and contributions of both past and present African heroes, who continue to shape our continent’s journey.”

Through his evocative poetry, Aimable Twagirayezu, or Cyogere, stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration for Africa. His commitment to advocating for change, unity, and self-reliance resonates with the hearts and minds of Africans across the continent. As “UMUGABANE” continues to captivate audiences, Twagirayezu’s poetic voice joins a chorus of African artists and activists working towards a brighter future for Africa—a future that embraces its potential, transcends historical challenges, and uplifts the continent as a whole.

Twagirayezu, a prolific poet, has contributed numerous poems to the world of literature, including notable works like “Turaanda” (we are expanding) and “Impore,” among others. Through his poetry, particularly with “Impore,” he continues his endeavor to build a better Rwanda and inspire positive change. In expressing his motivation behind “Impore,” Twagirayezu highlights the pervasive challenges that exist in our world today. Issues such as illness, hunger, unemployment, and various others are prevalent and affect individuals on a global scale. As a poet, he recognizes his responsibility to uplift and inspire those who engage with his words, encouraging them to embrace the spirit of “Impore.”

Twagirayezu’s perspective extends beyond the individual, acknowledging that the roots of these problems go deeper and encompass aspects such as history, society, relationships, and work. He understands the interconnected nature of these challenges and aims to address them holistically through his poetry.

 Aimable Twagirayezu’s poetic works, including  “Turaanda,” “Impore,” and “UMUGABANE,” exemplify his dedication to Africa’s journey towards self-reliance, development, and prosperity. Through his multilingual and profound poetry, Twagirayezu strives to illuminate the struggles faced by the continent, advocating for change and unity. His poetic voice resonates with Africans and pan-Africanists alike, inspiring a collective effort to overcome historical shackles and shape a brighter future for Africa.

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