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No one to be left behind as the Global Fund nears 7th replenishment

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) have shown their commitment to engage in the 7th replenishment of the Global Fund against HIV, TB and Malaria.

During a Civil Society Pre-Meeting in the lead-up to Preparatory meeting of the Global Fund’s Seventh Replenishment 2024-2026, held in Kigali on February 18, 2022, health sector stakeholders had an opportunity to discuss what it will take to achieve the vision of a world free of HIV, TB, and malaria.

The meeting was organized by Rwanda NGOs Forum on HIV/AIDS and Health Promotion in collaboration with UNAIDS Country Office, CCM-Rwanda, GFAN Africa and the Global Fund, to share updates on the 7th Replenishment of the Global Fund to fight HIV, TB and Malaria.

“The Global Fund plays a pivotal role in the fight against HIV, TB and Malaria. We strongly appreciate Rwanda and the Global Fund partnership towards saving lives of Rwandan communities. Donor governments and countries are called on to join efforts and increase their resources during this 7th replenishment so that millions of lives can continue to be saved,” Said Nooliet Kabanyana, the Executive Secretary of RNGOF on HIV/AIDS & HP.

Since 2002, through contributing to resilient and sustainable systems for health, the Global Fund (GF) partnership has saved more than 44 million lives and reduced the annual death toll from HIV, TB and malaria by 46% in countries where the GF invests.

In the words of Peter Sands, Executive Director of the Global Fund, “Governments and the private sector have key roles in global health, but civil society is the oil in the engine. An engaged civil society drives progress.”

The 7th replenishment will seek to secure pledges to fund grants for the three years 2024 to 2026, which correspond to the first half of the next Global Fund Strategy.

“No one is safe until everyone is safe, that’s why the GF encourages solidarity to leverage generosity of donors. No one should be left behind in the response to HIV, Malaria and TB,” Francoise Vanni, Director of External Relations and Communications at the Global Fund.

The 6th replenishment of the Global Fund mobilized $14.02bn that will save 16M lives and avert 234 million of new HIV, Malaria and Tuberculosis in 2021-2023.

Jean Claude Kubwimana

Jean Claude Kubwimana

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