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KIGALI: Intare Arena staff acquire fire safety skills

Understanding the causes of fire and practicing safety measures prevents related disasters and reduces the destruction caused by fire.

This is why the Rwanda National Police (RNP) Fire and Rescue Brigade (FRB) continues its fire safety awareness to different groups of people to increase the public responsiveness against fire and to safely respond to fire emergencies.

On Monday, January 24, practical-based awareness on fire safety was extended to 76 staff of Intare Arena in Rusororo Sector, Gasabo District.

The trainees in the one day exercise include administrators, technicians, head of departments, casual workers and security guards.

They were explained on the causes and components of fire, how to use different types of fire extinguishers and procedures of evacuating facilities in case of fire outbreak.

The training is part of RNP programme aimed at equipping institutions, people working in facilities receiving a big number of people on a daily basis such as commercial buildings, hospitals, schools and the public in general with knowledge and skills to prevent and fight fire outbreak.

Claire Iribagiza, the manager for Intare Arenarena Investment Company thanked RNP for responding to their request to train their staff on fire safety.

“Through this training, we have gained knowledge and skills on the causes of fire and how to use the available equipment like fire extinguishers, fire blanket, water hydrant and sand to put out fire.

We host many events and ceremonies and it is important for each and everyone to know what can cause fire so as to prevent it but also to know what to do when fire breaks out,” Iribagiza said.

ACP Paul Gatambira, the commanding officer for FRB, said that RNP is willing and always ready to respond to any invitation to train their staff.

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