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“There is still a need for more researches on HIV/AIDS,” Independent Researcher recommends

Gerard Kaberuka, who acts as an independent public health researcher, has recommended for more researches on HIV/AIDS to help policy makers know where to put emphasis amid the fight against the disease.

Kaberuka came up with his recommendation during a mini Biomedical HIV Prevention Forum (BHPF) aiming at strengthening advocacy for biomedical HIV prevention research in Rwanda, organized by Rwanda NGOs Forum on HIV/AIDS & Health Promotion, on November 30, 2021.

“There is a need for more researches on HIV/AIDS to make sure we will be able to end the disease in 2030. The needed researches have to be intense to go deeper to all perspectives around HIV/AIDS, providing facts about key areas to put a lot of emphasis, which would be the best way to find the right solutions amid the fight against the disease,” said Kaberuka, who presented to the forum his research conducted on HIV/AIDS prevention, and presented it during the forum.

The mini BHPF put HIV prevention research on the spotlight by providing a unique platform where participants learnt about progress made by best practices in biomedical HIV prevention research and development.

HIV prevalence remains at 3.0% among adults aged 15 years and above, according to the Rwanda Population-based HIV Impact Assessment (RPHIA) conducted in 2019. However, HIV National Program data reported that the high prevalence and incidence remains among key population including FSW (45.8%) and MSM (4%).

Jean Claude Kubwimana

Jean Claude Kubwimana

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