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KIGALI: Police arrest 46 drunk drivers

Rwanda National Police (RNP), on Sunday, August 22, showed to the media 46 eople, who were arrested separately in City of Kigali and Kamonyi District as part of the ongoing operations against impaired driving. The operations were conducted on Friday and Saturday.

At least 33 drunk drivers were arrested in City of Kigali while 13 others were arrested in Kamonyi district.

Blood alcohol content in their body was way above the 0.08 maximum, RNP deputy spokesperson, Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) Africa Apollo Sendahangarwa, said.

Fidele Ntirushwa, is a school bus driver, who was arrested on Saturday, August 21.

At the time, he had taken the vehicle for inspection at Remera Motor-vehicle Inspection Centre (MIC), where he was arrested after being tested with a breathalyzer.

Fidele Ntirushwa was found at a Motor Vehicle Inspection Center where he had brought the vehicle for check after taking alcohol

Another drunk driver, Etienne Kayisire, said he was arrested after he was involved in an accident with a taxi-moto operator.

“I had taken alcoholic drinks and when I was involved in a road crash, Police officers used a breathalyzer to estimate the quantity of alcohol I had taken, and the blood alcoholic content was at 2,” Kayisire said.

On Friday, August 20, RNP paraded other 29 people, who were arrested in Kigali driving under the influence of alcohol.

Another group of 37 drunk drivers arrested in Kigali was paraded on August 16.

CSP Africa advised drivers to always avoid driving when they drink.

“The breathalyzers Police use in testing alcohol do not identify the type of alcohol consumed; they only indicate the volume of alcohol in your blood. So, there is no excuse for those, who claim that they had taken energy drinks,” said CSP Sendahangarwa.

“When you drive while under the influence, you are a danger to your life, other road users and property. You will choose to drink and not to drive or to avoid drinking and drive.”

He further urged all road users to refrain from any reckless behaviours that can lead to road accidents and loss of lives and property.


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