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30 Police officers complete motorbike riding course

Thirty Police officers, on Friday, July 23, completed a three-week ‘Motorbike Riding’ course at the Police Training School (PTS) Gishali in Rwamagana District.

The training was conducted by Rwanda National Police (RNP) in partnership with the Italian Police Carabinieri. Trainees were drawn from Traffic and Road Safety (TRS) department, VIP Protection Unit and Police Disciplinary Unit (DPU).

The course covered various aspects of traffic including acceleration, deceleration and emergency breaking; techniques to be used in case of fall from the motorbike, control in emergency, and search techniques.

The Deputy Inspector General in charge of Administration and Personnel, DIGP Jeanne Chantal Ujeneza, while speaking at the closing of the training, said that the course is paramount to RNP in developing and enhancing knowledge and skills of motorbike riders.

The event was also attended by Brigadier General Stefano Dragani, the Carabinieri Liaison Officer to Rwanda.

DIGP Ujeneza said that the course strengthens the existing relations between RNP and Carabinieri.

“Rwanda is committed to be an attractive destination for international association meetings, and one of the enabling pillars is to ensure a secure and safe environment for all; protection of people and their property is one of the key responsibilities of RNP, including ensuring road security,” DIGP Ujeneza said.

She added that prevention of road accidents require training of road traffic personnel, construction of adequate infrastructure and sensitization of road users, the framework in which this course was initiated.

She urged the trainees to fully utilize the knowledge and skills acquired.

Brigadier General Stefano Dragani, lauded the courage and discipline exhibited by the trainees during the course.

He pledged further courses to improve the capabilities of Police officers in their daily policing tasks.

The course covered various aspects including dignitary escorts and ceremonial duties

Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP) Aloys Mutagire and CPL Peruth Mukandayisenga are among the trainees, who completed the course.

“I have gained vast skills such as passing through corners in high speed, emergency breaking, VIP protection and demonstrations during ceremonies,” said AIP Mutagire.

Prior to this course, Cpl Mukandayisenga never imagined being a professional motorbike rider.

“I am now a professional rider and able to ride a motorbike under different circumstances to execute my duties,” said Cpl Mukandayisenga.

Source: RNP

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