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AIRTEL Rwanda offers 20% Bonus on all bundles bought through Airtel Money

Airtel Rwanda, on 14 JULY 2021, launched a 20% bonus offer on bundles purchased using Airtel Money. This offer comes on the heels of the recently launched Free P2P campaign that has since made it possible for all customers to send up to 2 million RWF for free to fellow Airtel money subscribers.

Speaking at the launch of the offer, Mr. Amit Chawla said “Today, we have made it possible for all our subscribers to get even More with Airtel Money most especially when it comes to conveniently reloading Data bundles”.

Customers can use either the USSD code *500# or use My AirtelApp, a self-service tool that makes it possible for Airtel customers to access all services on their smartphone.

“Customers can purchase monthly and weekly using Airtel Money and the campaign, launched today will ensure that they get 20% more volume on each data bundles they purchase. For instance, a customer who buys a 30GB data bundle for 10,000 RWF will receive an additional 6GB as a bonus simply because they choose to use Airtel Money to make the purchase. This means that the customer who pays 10,000 RWF will receive 36 GB instead of the 30GB that they would get if they choose other means to reload their bundle” he added.

Mr. Chawla further encouraged all Airtel customers to resort to using cashless models in light of the ever changing Covid-19 situation.

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