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Beware of new Covid-19 prevention directives for maximum compliance

On Monday, June 21, the Cabinet Meeting chaired by His Excellency Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda reviewed the national directives on preventing the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The new directives will take effect from Wednesday, June 23, and Rwanda National Police (RNP) has reminded all residents of Rwanda adhere to the revised guidelines maximumly.

The force has called upon the public to suppport the national prevention efforts through maximum compliance and to support the enforcement process.

It warned of severe actions to anyone, who acts contrary to the government directives.

Statement on Cabinet Resolutions of 21/06/2021

“In any way you view the new directives, they are meant to save people’s lives from the pandemic and we urge the public to be responsive, respect them and support the national efforts by doing the right thing,” said RNP spokesperson, CP John Bosco Kabera.

On Monday, Rwanda registered new 622 Covid-19 positive cases, the highest daily cases since the pandemic was reported in Rwanda in March 2020.

On the same day, six related deaths were recorded.

For the next two weeks, movements are prohibited between 7pm and 4am, all businesses must close by 6pm and passenger service vehicles should not exceed 50% capacity.

Movements between Kigali and other provinces, and movements between districts across the country are also prohibited except for medical reasons and other essential services.

However, vehicles transporting goods will continue to operate with no more than two people on board.

All social gatherings including celebrations of all kinds are prohibited both in public and private settings and places of worship will operate at 30% capacity.

Wedding, civil and traditional marriage ceremonies are among the events that have been suspended for the next two weeks under the new Covid-19 prevention directives.

Attendance at vigil should not exceed 10 people at any one time while funeral gatherings should not exceed 30 persons.

Places of worship that were okayed to resume after meeting all the health standards, will host only 30 percent of their normal congregation capacity but prevention measures must be adhered to before and during the service.

“Adhering to the government measures is a must and it is the only solution to address the current rise in Covid-19 cases and related deaths,” CP Kabera said.

He added: “Be on the prevention side not the spreading corner by being home before 7pm, avoid unnecessary movements; stay in Kigali or in your respective district, avoid any prohibited social events and gatherings and wear face mask, exercise social distancing, sanitize or wash hands regularly with soap and water.”

He reminded the public to plan their daily errands well to be home early instead of starting the journey back home late resulting into thick traffic jam and likely accidents while racing against 7pm.

“The thinking that you will start the journey few minutes to the top of the hours and that you will be home in time, remember that you are not the only one using the road.”

Movement permit

CP Kabera said that movement clearance will only be given to those with valid and sound reasons where necessary with supporting documents.

He, however, warned against misusing or using the movement clearance contrary to its original purpose.

The movement clearance permit can be applied online through, e-mail ( or dial *127# and follow the prompts.

For further information regarding movement clearance, the public is required to call the following contacts:


Source: RNP

Jean Claude Kubwimana

Jean Claude Kubwimana

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