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Women’s vital role to eradicate famine in historically stunted Nyamagabe

By Desire Muhire

Nyamagabe is one of eight districts of Southern province, its huge part is found in former Gikongoro prefecture, which was almost branded by constant famine. Local women have pledged to change that stained image by transforming the lives of its citizens through modernized agriculture.

Backed by the government and non-government organizations, while celebrating International Women’s Day, the women have shown how thirsty and committed they are to play their parts to positively transforming their family’s livelihood.

Donathile Mukakomeza chairs agro-dealers cooperative in Nyamagabe District (COOPABINYA), she is a famous farmer, and in 2020, she got an award of the best agro-dealer in the country.

As far she is concerned, the woman is so powerful when she is empowered, especially in agri-business for a woman is naturally born to feed the family.

“As the government has put much effort in women’s development, I have already embraced that opportunity, I have never felt timid to do business as many of my fellow women do. I have even sensitized other women to feel confident and practice agriculture as I am among decision makers, it is 20 years now since I was elected in Nyamagabe advisory council” She said.

After receiving trainings from USAID  Hingaweze, which is a project that aims at improving, farming, raising income, increasing  nutrition for women/kids and build agriculture resilience to climate change, Mukakomeza, is committed to developing agriculture in his area as well its surroundings.

“I call upon my fellow women, who may still have the timidity to do business to change their mindset and join us in agribusiness because the family will hardly progress without the participation of the woman” She added

Donathile Mukakomeza who chairs agro-dealers cooperative in Nyamagabe District (COOPABINYA)

During the women’s day celebration, Hingaweze provided 90 chickens to women of Buruhukiro sector and beans in line with their mission to eradicate malnutrition among their beneficiaries.

The beneficiaries have significantly made a progress thanks to Hingaweze project and have pledged to maintain the acquired training even in the absence of the project.

Rwanda is renowned to promote women globally, and agriculture is still the key factor to Rwanda’s development, followed by Tourism according to Rwanda Development Board.

The mayor of Nyamagabe, Bonaventure Uwamahoro, during RC Huye talk show, has appreciated the step made by women but warned that there is still a long journey to walk, calling for everyone to rigorously fight against shameless men who impregnate teenagers, he described it as “shame and shock to our society”. He added that you can’t say you are promoting women while future women are untimely impregnated.

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