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COVID-19: Over 100 found in the bush praying

Police in Kirehe District, on Saturday, August 29, caught 118 people violating the government directives designed to combat the pandemic of COVID-19 after they were found praying in the bush in Kigina Sector, Rwanteru Cell.

The group came from eight different sectors in Kirehe, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Hamdun Twizeyimana, the Police spokesperson for the Eastern region, said.

He added that they were at the time found congested under the rock at about 6PM, from where they were praying.

They included the majority 88 women, six men and 24 young people aged below 16 years.

“Information about the risky and prohibited gathering came from local residents, who called local authorities and the Police,” CIP Twizeyimana said.

“The group was made up of believers from different religious denominations, who came from eight sectors in Kirehe and converged in the bushy and rocky place.”

“Literally, they had violated all the standard and directed safety guidelines; such gatherings are prohibited, they came from different places and they were congested, no facemask and and some of them were laying hands on others praying for them. 39 of them are from Nyamugari Sector, which is a COVID-19 risky zone in Kirehe,” the spokesperson explained.

Besides breaching the directives, CIP Twizeyimana said that they were not secure being in such bushy and rocky place.

“They could have been easily attacked by wild animals, snakes. Some of them were found resting on top and under the rocks.”

All the 118 members of the group were tested for COVID-19.

CIP Twizeyimana warned against such inappropriate behaviours and actions, which can easily lead to the fast spread of the virus.

“This is not the time to engage in social practices and gatherings based on beliefs. It’s the period to listen to the safety instructions and abide to be safe from the pandemic and to protect others,” CIP Twizeyimana said.

Source: RNP

Jean Claude Kubwimana

Jean Claude Kubwimana

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