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Rwamagana: Vulnerable families benefit from CSOs’ food support in tackling COVID-19 crisis.

Vulnerable families in Rwamagana District pledge to benefit worthily from the food and hygiene materials support provided by the coalition of Civil Society Organizations (CSO), in tackling COVID-19 crisis.

The project is being implemented by the coalition of four organizations namely: Strive Foundation Rwanda (SFR), Rwanda NGOs Forum on HIV/AIDS and Health Promotion (RNGOF on HIV/AIDS & HP), Health Development Initiative (HDI) and Ihorere Munyarwanda Organization (IMRO) with funding support from the European Union (EU), even as Rwandan Government continues to combat COVID-19 and help vulnerable categories of most affected people

“This support will help me strive more for other earnings as I will be well fed for a while with my two kids. I use to live on short term jobs on a daily basis, so this support will motivate my commitment.” Said Donatile Nyirantambara from Munyiginya Sector

According to Price Ingabire the support is part of response to diet improvement.

“I am pleased with this support because it comes in harsh time of COVID-19. My diet is going to vary from underfeeding that I may profit from it and nourish well my offspring.” She revealed.

“This support with supplementary advices from the benefactors will guide me in creating possible small businesses to extend my sources of income.” She added

Nikuze, a teen mother with her beloved baby called this a recognition which will motivate her endeavors.

“I live on short-term works in my hamlet, so this is a motivational backing as COVID-19 has stopped ways of getting regular incomes.” She expressed.

Beneficiaries with delivered packages which included foodstuffs and hygienic materials.

Speaking to the media amid the event, Jacques Ndayisenga, project manager at Strive Foundation Rwanda, specifically working with three districts namely Rwamagana, Ngoma and Gatsibo said that this support is complemented by advice-based guidance for sustainable living conditions.

“With the initiative of peer education among different formed groups these key populations belong to, we sensitize them on how to adopt and uphold the habit of saving, be it a little from what they earn which will guide them onto social development.”

Delivered stuffs included food and hygiene materials in four Sectors namely Kigabiro, Muhazi, Gishari and Munyaga serving 267 beneficiaries all in Rwamagana District, with the full project for the District targeting 500 people from 11 Sectors in total.

Nooliet Kabanyana, Executive secretary of Rwanda NGOs Forum on HIV/AIDS and Health Promotion highlighted the importance of this project dedicated to vulnerable people

“We thought about how some people in this time of COVID-19 have no income, then as civil society we committed to give hand to the government in terms of helping the most vulnerable families with food and hygiene materials. We have to contribute at the point that we will boast about our input in overcoming COVID-19 and its effects.” She stated.

Jeanne Mutoni, vice mayor for social affairs in Rwamagana District admired the initiative

“Though Stay-At-Home has been loosened these key populations remained in need of such a support. It contributes a lot to what the District has under consideration regarding the wellbeing of citizens.”

Mutoni added that there is still a number of families which are in vulnerable situations due to COVID-19 effects, but their consideration being underway.

Beneficiaries were advised by both District officials and representatives from civil society organizations on best practices in a bid overcome COVID-19 crises
Jean Claude Kubwimana

Jean Claude Kubwimana

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