Ugandans dismiss Akon’s Futuristic, Cryptocurrency City plans

Ugandans have questioned world superstar Akon’s futuristic crypto-currency based city plans as non viable and an illusion. And many are


KWIBUKA: Police reassures security during commemoration period

Rwanda National Police (RNP) has reassured the general public of safety and security during the  27th commemoration of the 1994


Gasabo: Strive Foundation Rwanda supports families, vulnerable to COVID-19 effect

Strive Foundation Rwanda (SFR) in partnership with Human Help Network (HHN) have supported 225 families, most vulnerable to COVID-19 effect,


Stakeholders call for all-inclusive effort to sustain women’s empowerment

Gender equality stakeholders have called for all-inclusive effort to sustain women’s empowerment, with aim to achieve a participatory approach for


Researchers assure productivity of cassava farming amid improved seeds system

Cassava farmers in Rwanda have been given assurance that the new improved seeds system has much to improve on their


PEACEKEEPING: UN decorates Rwanda Police peacekeepers in CAR

The UN, on Saturday, March 27, decorated 139 Rwandan Police officers serving in its mission in Central African Republic (CAR),